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We all want to pamper our pets with the best foods, treats, toys, beds, crates, collars, leashes, brushes, and flea/tick treatments. However, finding the right items can be an overwhelming task, so we are ready to help you make those choices for your pets.


We are diligent about researching the pet foods we carry because we only want the best for your furry friends. We welcome special orders if your pet’s diet is not found on our shelves. Many of our pet foods are on a frequent buyer reward program, so check with us about the ones you buy.


We are dedicated to helping you find everything you need to provide the very best care for your dogs and cats.

Lawn and Garden

Is your lawn or garden a showcase of perennials, a wildlife shelter, a spot for growing vegetables, or a setting for family gatherings? Or is it perhaps a sanctuary where you sit quietly and listen to the sounds of trickling water and wind chimes? If so, we have everything you need. Come browse our pots, plants, water features, and ornamental decorations. Let us help you select seeds, starter plants, or anything else you need to start and maintain your garden. Also, in addition to traditional fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides, we carry an extensive line of organic products for the eco-friendly consumer.





Livestock Feed

Moore Than Feed carries feed options from Jupe Mills and Purina Mills for your cattle, horse, sheep, goat, swine, and rabbits. In addition to traditional food, we stock Purina’s Honor Show Chow. Grab your livestock supplies, too, while you are here. We have de-wormers, fly control, lead ropes, brushes, halters, clippers, grooming and vet necessities, and much more.










Moore Than Feed has just what you need to keep your poultry well-fed and healthy. We offer feeds from Jupe Mills, Purina Mills, Manna Pro, and Texas Naturals Feeds. In addition to feed, we carry all the supplies you need for their care, including waterers, feeders, treats, supplements, shavings, diatomaceous earth, oyster shell, lamps, and bulbs.Did you know we offer a variety of baby chicks 6-7 months of the year?

Companion Bird

Companion birds come in variety of breeds, sized, and colors, each with specific requirements. At Moore Than Feed, we recognize this and offer seed mixtures, pellets, and treats for each category of bird. We also offer appropriate size toys, cages, and perches for your feathered friends. We love our companion birds and know you love yours, too! We are here to help.


Farm and Ranch

Moore Than Feed offers an extensive line of gates, stock panels, barrels, and tanks. Our gates are manufactured by Ranger Gates, located right here in Texas. If you need feed buckets or T -posts we have that, too, as well as welded wire and poultry wire for containment.






One of the best ways to enjoy wildlife is to watch birds at a feeder. We have an assortment of feeders and seed mixes to get you set up. Then all you have to do is sit back and be amazed at the variety of birds that will visit throughout the year.


And what about squirrels? Who can resist watching those mischievous little rascals? We have feeders for them, too, as well as corn-on-the-cob and special seed mixtures.


You will also need a water source for your backyard wildlife refuge, so stroll through our garden center, and you might find just the right birdbath for your little friends.


There is a good reason our hometown is so well-known for its annual hummingbird festival. Not only do we host the migrating hummingbirds every September, we are also home to many that stay here year-round. That’s why we stock a variety of nectar, feeders, and ant moats on our shelves at all times. Stop by and check out our selections.








Moore Than Feed strives to provide feed for all animals, including game birds, fish, and deer. We have access to many exotic feeds and are happy to help provide you with options for supplemental nutrition for various wild game animals. The most popular is Purina’s 20% Antlermax, specifically formulated for free range deer to support their overall health, reproductive performance, and antler growth.  Another popular item is Purina’s Game Fish Chow, a complete and balanced 32% protein extruded product designed to be fed to a wide variety of fish species and sizes.


And keep in mind that we have motors, batteries, and timers for automatic feeder repairs.


Moore Than Feed carries a variety of items to brighten up your home. Choose from Circle E candles, Corinthian wind chimes, stepping stones, or novelty flags to enhance your decor. We also carry Rockport’s own Jellypeno Jelly, local honey, pickled quail eggs and fresh eggs from local farmers. Stock up on Ann Clark cookie cutters, Clarey’s old fashion candy, Dots, Pretzels, and 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra Seasonings for your pantry.


Check out our hardware department for an assortment of tractor pins, float valves, j-clips, automatic float valves, snaps, and many other barn essentials. We have a great assortment.

Small Animals

Dogs and cats are not the only companion animals we cater to. Moore Than Feed stocks a variety of products for hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, guinea pigs, sugar gliders and even rats. We are confident that you’ll find what you need for your little furry friends on our shelves.





A successful yearly fish crop comes as the result of good pond management.  Moore Than Feed offers the products to maintain a beautiful and productive pond.  We carry floating, sinking and gamefish chow to help you train your fish and bring even more enjoyment to you and your family.


A fish tank is a great addition to your home or place of work. Moore Than Feed carries a line of supplies for your aquarium needs, so whether you want to get started or need to maintain an existing tank, we can help.






Reptiles and amphibians are fascinating creatures that are fun to watch and easy to care for. If you are considering getting, or already own one of these cute little guys, check with us for supplies such as enclosures, lamps, bulbs, substrate, thermometers, heaters, and nutritious diets. Although we no longer carry live mice and crickets, we have had great success ordering on-line from Timberline for crickets and Mice Direct for frozen mice.